April 24, 2015


Check it out…!

So, we've been busy!  This post isn't really about yarn or fiber or those lovely things but instead I wanted to give you a little look into our busy days. 

We started our yurt last fall, and got really close to being done but the weather (and morning sickness!) put our building to rest for the winter.  We got right back on it in late February after returning from Stitches West.  

We built most of the yurt ourselves with help from Laurel Nest Yurts out of North Carolina.  They sent us the yurt cover (marine grade fabric walls/roof) the skylight dome, the compression ring and 1 window frame to use as a template for our 2 other windows and door.   

We finished building the Khanna (lattice walls), the window and door frames, the flooring, the deck, the stairs and then put up the entire structure over a 3 day period.  It was so cool to see it all finally go from being parts and lumber to a beautiful and elegant living structure.  One that is unique and unlike anything I've been in before.  

We had a week of touch ups and the water line from the well was dug.  We stayed one night there so far and I set up a dinning area and we have had a few meals there by lamplight.  I'm eager to make it my home!  

It's been a crazy busy spring.  I can't even convey the late nights, long drives, ticks, campfire meals, and the hard work it's been.  We live about 1 hour and 15 min away so it's been tricky getting 4 kids ready every weekend for long days.  There have been a lot of fun days too.  The boys found a bunch of birds' nests under the yurt platform, frogs, tadpoles, cocoons, salamanders and all kinds of new bugs.  We see hawks and eagles fly over often and hear grouse, turkey and owl calls all day and night.

The next step is to finish the loft and frame in the bathroom walls this weekend.  Then it's on to installing the plumbing and electricity.  After that, well- we start moving in!  
I don't know how it's going to work since I am 37 weeks pregnant right now, but we'll just play by ear.    

I keep trying to sneak some knitting in here and there and get some things sewn for the baby.  Cross your fingers he/she doesn't come early :) 

Some pictures! 

Assembling the Khanna on our new cedar deck

Putting the window frames up and attaching the Khanna

Rafters and roof ring put up

The View! 

Cover goes on next 

The windows and doors are finished, I love the shingles so very much :) 

Steps and landing done!

Interior framing started


Lisa Sanchez
Lisa Sanchez


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