About Us

Becoming Art was born in 2009, although I've been selling my goods for much longer.    Hand dying and crafting has been a part of my life since childhood.  Selling my goods to others started at 15.  With a basket full of macrome, crocheted hats and hand dyed silks,  I took my bounty to fairs and traded for other inspiring art or enough money to keep crafting the next thing.   

My introduction to dyeing yarn and spinning fibers was a natural progression based on my love for color and texture.  Becoming Art is run by myself and my husband with the occasional helper.  We run an in-home office and separate studio for our dye space.  All orders and emails are handled by us.  Every skein twisted, and fiber braided by us.  While it may take us a tad longer to make a finished item, we believe that our eye for detail and quality control is evident in the final product. 

Being part of fiber arts community has become the ideal job as I work from home while loving up my 5 beautiful sons and husband of 17 years.  I live in the Great Northwest where I enjoy watching the seasons make their striking changes 4 times a year.   We spend our non-working hours enjoying the outdoors, traveling and building a small homestead on our rural property.  

This summer we broke ground on our new homestead with 38 acres to play with.  There will be cabins, barns and coops to build.  Gardens to grow, a well to dig, roads to make and maybe even a new studio!   I will try my best to post our journey on my blog, I hope you come and see what we are up to!