Becoming Art is an independent yarn and fiber brand, known for our unique color collections and luscious yarns.  
Our motto, "Happiness is Handmade" is the core of our brand and the drive to inspire you in your own handmade endeavors.  


New Year Clearance!

January 23, 2020

Everything in the store that is not in the "new items" category is on clearance! Yup, fill your bags and get 45% off! That's a HUGE discount!  P.S.  if you haven't seen the "new items" category go check it out, there are still some things left and a few new colors too :) Happy making everyone~ Lisa

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Check it out…!

April 24, 2015

So, we've been busy!  This post isn't really about yarn or fiber or those lovely things but instead I wanted to give you a little look into our busy days.  We started our yurt last fall, and got really close to being done but the weather (and morning sickness!) put our building to rest for the winter.  We got right back on it in late February after returning from Stitches West.  We built most of the yurt ourselves with help from Laurel Nest Yurts out of North Carolina.  They sent us the yurt cover (marine grade fabric walls/roof) the skylight dome, the compression ring and 1 window frame to use as a template for our 2 other windows and door....

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